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Piano Tuner Perth’s piano technicians can help maintain the pitch of your precious instrument and make the necessary adjustments so you can play your masterpiece in perfect notes and tone.

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Whether it’s a new piano seeking a tone improvement or an old one looking for a sound restoration, voicing is all about ensuring a piano lives up to its unique tonal characteristics.

There are many aspects contributing to the lack of tonal clarity such as the hammer’s shape, string seating, hammer-to-string mating, soundboard and bridge health and response, and regulation. Therefore, when you consult us for voicing, we maneuver your piano’s mechanical components and hammer felt (both the dynamic and static hardness) to optimize its tonal spectrum.

Since this technical procedure requires high-end expertise and experience, we put our best people to bring out the potential of your instrument. We ensure rendering the tonal control back to the player.

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