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Not only the seasonal changes but also the daily variations in humidity have the potential to affect the performance of your piano. The extreme changes in humidity cause the glue joints to go loose and the wood to crack.

Keeping the humidity level as constant as possible is highly desirable for the health of your instrument. A mechanism “Piano Lifesaver System” is there to meet this need. No matter what the external conditions are, this system maintains the recommended relative humidity. The cycling action is calibrated to create an altogether separate environment in the piano.

The Humidity Control System brings together a:

•    Dehumidifier – distributes moisture away from the piano with warm air currents
•    Humidistat – the brain of the system that detects if the wooden parts are either too dry   or too moist to run the Dehumidifier or Humidifier automatically
•    Humidifier – when the humidity drops, it renders moisture to the dry wood of the piano
•    3 Light Led Panel – Green light indicates the system is on electrical power, yellow light is an indicator for water refills, and red light shows the water pads need to be replaced
•    Water Tubing – allows water into the humidifier

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