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Piano Tuner Perth’s piano technicians can help maintain the pitch of your precious instrument and make the necessary adjustments so you can play your masterpiece in perfect notes and tone.

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An out-of-tune piano not only frustrates you but also discourages you from playing it altogether. However, a properly tuned piano makes the entire experience of playing it highly rewarding and relaxing.

For a complex instrument like a piano, tuning is not simply a matter of adjusting to the tensions of piano strings but requires interaction between notes. Different for every piano, of course.

If you haven’t tuned your piano in years, taking action now is the right choice. Being an experienced piano tuner, our piano tuning service ensures your instrument’s tonal range and power stays at its best and matches the pitch of other instruments i.e. we tune it to the international standard pitch A-440.

Most piano manufacturers recommend the piano be tuned every 6 months. Therefore, we highly recommend you get your instrument regularly tuned and save a lot of time and money in the long run.

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